How to help the Homeless this Winter in Bangalore

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This is winter season, the most beautiful season for every individual. But, it is also a bad season for the homeless who are on roads. We have shelter and face the cold in different ways that would warm our body. A heater or a Blanket at home can help us recover heavy cold. The people on roads would face the issue of cold hitting them and resulting in health issue and consequences would be serious.

Bangalore is considered as one the biggest places for the homeless, as many people migrate from different states and cities to this beautiful city in search of job. These people will find difficult to find shelter and finally end homeless. Whatever may be the season it is difficult to be homeless, rough sleep in winter or heavy heat in the summer.

December will be a month of winter in the city with temperature reducing to 15 degrees in the night time. There are many ways we can help these people by donating some blankets or even money to buy the required items to face winter. As per the research and reports from the social activist groups, there are many deaths registered due to this harmful weather.

Government with the these social groups are donating the required items for the homeless people. But, it would not solve the problem completely. We as the individual should also come in with the concept of humanity and help the homeless by some donations or even sending Blankets to these trusts, who are really helping the needy.

It is very important that we help the people quickly so we don’t need any health issues or even death during this winter season. If you are willing to donate money or Blankets, you may contact us at or

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