Your Blog Posts Are Boring: 5 Tips for Making Your Writing More Interesting

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Do you want your blog post to be more attractive to your readers? It not only should always be interesting, but it must be enjoyable to read, right. As things go, people don’t spend on content if they don’t enjoy reading. Alright! Let’s say you were going to write your next post on “5 simple tips to get your blog read” – how would you start it? Hang on!

Tips to make your Content More Interesting

Here are a few tips to make your content more interesting to read. Let’s find out below.

1. Tell a story

People always love to read stories, and it brings about instant brain activation. Stories turn blunt tips into sparkling information, and it helps to stand out from the boring blogging crowd. 

Becoming a storyteller is not much more complicated than you think. Adding a simple story of 150-200 words is enough to delight your readers and turn your boring writing into a more engaging one. Make use of the power of storytelling to make the blog post more enjoyable to read. 

2. Write in the first person tone

Writing in the first person point of perspective is the most natural voice to use in writing. The first person writing is a powerful tool to make the readers feel much closer to the writer. Always write in the first person tone to take readers into the character’s world. 

3. Make your writing clear

Be extremely clear in what you’re trying to say to your readers rather than being fancy. Quite often, writers use active verbs or splendid vocabulary to be more interesting. But that’s not a trick. The primary way to become interesting is being transparent. It’s all about using the right words in the right place and being plain. If you’re skilled at being plain, your blog writing will be more interesting to your readers. 

4. Keep it neither too short nor too long

Make it simple to your readers to get what they want in less than a few minutes. No one is going to worry about word count in your blog. The only thing readers want from your blog is useful information. Let’s assume you were reading an article, and its length is too long. What could be your reaction? You’ll lose your patience. Isn’t it? Hence, try to make your point rather than being too long than you need to be. However, you need to say enough information in your article to make your writing more appealing to your readers. 

5. Make short sentences

Write better short sentences, so readers do not get lost in long sentences. Using short and clear sentences make your posts much easier to read. Hence, split up the long paragraphs the right way to make your blog post enjoyable to read. 


Hope you got an idea to turn your boring blog post into more interesting. Start your next writing with the tips mentioned here and share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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